My Karmic
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KarMic Engagement Models:
  • Projects.
  • Time and Material Engagements.
  • Customer Specific Offshore Design Centres (ODC’s).
  • Resource Augmentation.
Projects handled:
  • Power management ICs (>25 chips verified with highly functional first-pass silicon): This included the following:
    • Verified all basic power management blocks such as LDOs, DCDCs, CLOCK GENERATORs, BANDGAP, IO BUFFERs, EEPROM, LEDs, ADCs, Vibrators, and Fuel Gauge.
    • CODEC ICs: Verified communication between controller and PMIC through standard interfaces such as SPI, I2C, and other customer specific interfaces.
    • Verified power-up/power-down/interrupts/status and various other modes of PMIC chip.
  • CODE ICs: Verified models such as Txr, Rxr, ADC, DAC, PLL, and DPLL.
  • CHARGER ICs: Verified switch-mode Li-Ion Battery Charger along with power-management path.
  • HDD Devices: Verified Writer, Reader, Header, and Contact detector.